San Francisco Chronicle: S.F. barely passes public nudity ban (page one)

San Francisco Chronicle: America’s Cup prospects fading in S.F. (page one)

San Francisco Chronicle: Ballpark neighbors seek ban on aerial ads (page one)

Lowell Sun: Shortage of snow equals surplus cash for Lowell-area towns PDF (page one)

Lowell Sun: Patrick stands his ground vs. proposed bill (page one)


Lowell Sun: Campaigns runnin’ on Dunkin’ too (page one)

San Francisco Chronicle: Olague’s vote changes District 5 dynamic

Boston Globe: Vigil shows support for Syrian uprising PDF

Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise: Graves sets sights on Bastien in GOP primary for state rep (page one)

Lowell Sun: Greater Lowell’s GOP freshmen state reps out to make their mark (page one)

Breaking News

Boston Globe: Man involved in Bourneside killings commits suicide in prison PDF

Boston Globe: It’s home, sweet home for snake lost on the MBTA  PDF

Boston Globe: Reporter in Libya allowed to call home PDF

Daily Free Press: Rainstorm ‘leaks’ havoc on dormitories (page one)


Lowell Sun: New-media debate: Who qualify as journalists deserving legal protection? PDF (page one)

San Francisco Chronicle: School libraries hit hard by budget cuts (page one)

San Francisco Chronicle: Libraries to try buying e-books directly (page one)

Worcester Telegram: A novel approach to literary tribute PDF (page one)

Daily Free Press: Smoking policies on campus inconsistent, often unenforced PDF (page one)


San Francisco Chronicle: SF Under One Roof closing up shop (page one)

Lowell Sun: Commission votes to allow some tax breaks to expire

Worcester Telegram: Lujon’s clothing a victim of the times PDF

Grafton Patch: Dispatches: Does new economy help used cars?


San Francisco Chronicle: Landlord ‘nightmare’ in eviction attempt (page one)

Boston Globe: Obituary- Dr. Joseph Dorsey, local neurosurgeon

Hot Press: The Riptide Movement, live at the Workman’s Club

Worcester Telegram: Myths and legends beyond belief PDF

Daily Free Press: Staff Editorial- Hiding the press 

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